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DropPay is a new, simple solution designed to help improve cashflow for carriers with no transaction fees and instant payments.

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Submit your invoices through our mobile app or client portal.

Your account will be funded within seconds of an invoice approval.

You can use your funds directly from the account, transfer them to another account, or pay people directly from the app.

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Once you get instantly paid to your account, you choose what happens next.

Use your Tank card anywhere you already use your debit or credit cards.

Transfer your money anytime to any existing bank account.

Pay anyone using only their phone number.

Withdraw money from ATMs.

Link it to apps like Apple or Google Pay.

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DropPay is Smarter. Faster. Easier.

• No wire fees
• Pay drivers and dispatchers
• Pay bills and recurring expenses
• Issue fleet cards to your drivers
• Transfer your funds anywhere

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DropPay FAQS

When can loads be submitted for payment?

Anytime. Using the EFF360 App clients can submit loads for payment anytime, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

What documentation is required?

Standard load documentation such as the rate confirmation and bill of lading are required for each load. Load documentation can be uploaded directly through the EFF360 App.

How long does it take to receive payment on the load?

Loads can be submitted as soon as delivery has been completed. Once submitted, payment is typically received within minutes.

Is payment made to my bank account?

To receive payments as soon as loads are submitted at any time, an account with our partner Tank Payments is required.

Can I get fuel advances on loads?

Yes, fuel advances are available with DropPay. If a fuel advance is selected, the advance will be made once the pickup has been completed.

Are drivers able to upload load documents?

Yes, you can set up drivers with a login to your EFF360 account and provide them with access to upload load documents directly from their mobile device.

Do loads need to be submitted before a certain deadline or cutoff to be processed immediately?

No. Anytime means anytime. There are no cutoff times or deadlines for processing. Once a load is submitted it is processed immediately regardless of time of day.

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